Center Beaches
More than 4.300 km of coast make Chile a privileged country to enjoy the beautiful beaches for all kind or preferences. Thousands of people refreshed every summer ath the central littoral coasts, however, there are few people that know many of the jewels hidden in this zone. The Central Zone has spectacular beaches that stands by its natural environment, its isolation and its beauty. You can also find international level beaches for surfing and other water sports. ¡Read and discover in this section some of the best beaches to organiz your next trip!Share this selection:

The Central LittoralThe central litoral beaches are, unlike the north littoral beaches, of colder waters and stronger winds en some areas. This doesn't avoid that thousands of people spend the summer on its beaches, which are often full and is difficult to find some place to take sun. Selected beaches here, stands by its beauty, its natural environment and/or for being remote areas, far from the cities and urban centers, which make this beaches, ideal places to be in contact with nature, rest or practice water sports.With regard to mobilization, you have always the alternative to reach to this destinations by particular vehicle or by public transport (you can also do hitch-hike or autostop).

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Las Cujas Beach - V Region

Las CujasConsidered for many people, one of the most beautiful beaches from Chile, this little and lovely beach is located en Cachagua, in the V Region. It distinguish by its calm and clear turquoise color waters, white sand and low rockery. Also, this beach is located besides the Cachagua fishing village. It's a calm and familiar place, a little spot, ideal to rest and enjoy the incredible view.Cachagua is an expensive beach, so it's difficult to find economic places to sleep. You can find some more economic alternatives of campings, hostels and cabins located in nearby places like Papudo, La Laguna and Maitencillo. You can reach to Cachagua by particular vehicle from Ruta 5 Norte, taking the detour to Punchungavi or Papudo (if you comes from the south or the north respectively). If you stars from cities like Valparaiso or Viña del Mar, you can take the coast route that goes through Quintero, Ventanas, Puchungavi and Maitencillo. Alternatively, you can take intercity buses to Cachagua from different cities, like Santiago and Valparaiso.

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Sunset in Playa Luna

La Luna BeachLocated in a beatiful and remote spot of the V Region, 6 km to the north of Caleta Horcon, this beach stands out for being the only oficial nudist beach of the country, where the naturism can be practice in a in social, organized and permitted way. This beach is also a beautiful place, with the ocean on one hand and cliffs on the other. It's frequented by a great variety of birds that transform the place in an area of ecological valueThis is a beach where it's not allowed to camp. The closer accommodation alternatives are located in Caleta Horcon, where you can find camping zones (costs from CLP 4.000 p/p approximately) and cabins. To reach to Luna Beach you have to walk for about 40 min by the beach from Caleta Horcon. It's not possible to reach by vehicle. You can reach to Caleta Horcon by particular vehicle or by interurban public transport from Santiago and other cities. Sol del Pacifico Buses is one of the buses companies that offers this service.Because it's a nudism beach, it's important to follow a series of coexistence standards that seeks to favor the respect for oneself, for the rest and for the environment. You can search for the code of conduct here.

playas centro de chile
Las Docas Beach - V Region

Las DocasThis little bay, hidden in the V Region, 10 kilometers of the location of Laguna Verde (5 km in a straight line) and 18 km south of Valparaiso. This is a beautiful spot that stands out for its blue intese waters, the cliffs surrounding it and the nature and ecosystem, home of different kind of birds and other animals. This is a beach far from the urban centers and with a difficult access, so, it's an ideal place to disconnected and relax. It's also an excellent place to do other activities such as trekking or fishing.It's possible to camp on the beach, but, in case yo do it, it's VERY IMPORTANT to carry the trash and not pollute this wonderful place. There are campings and cabins alternatives around the beach and Laguna Verde. This is a place that receives very few visitants almost all the year, except months of December, January and February. Visiting this beach in November or March is an excellent choice if you are looking for peace and silence.You have a lot of alternatives to reach Las Docas. You can't reach to the beach directly by public transport, however, you can take the bus line 520 to Valparaiso (CLP 500 aprox.) in direction to Laguna Verde and you have to get off at the end of the journey. From this point, you can hitch-hike (autostop) or make a couple of hours trekking by a dirt road to the beach. You can reach directly by particular vehicle by the mentioned dirt road too. First you have to reach to the location of Laguna Verde, where you have to take the road "Camino al Faro" and take the detour to Playa Las Docas. It's recommended to go in a high vehicle, since the dirt road it's not in good conditions

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Tunquen Beach - saqui82 Flickr

TunquenThis is a beach located in the river mouth of Estero Casablanca, in Tunquen location. The beach surprises its visitors for its more than 2 km of extension, its placid waters, dunes and its valleys with high hills. North beach, it's also located the Humedal de Tunquen, declared Natural Sanctuary and where you can observe a great diversity of flora and fauna. The calm environment defines the Tunquen beach essence, where buildings like hotels, restaurants or big buildings complex haven't been built yet, so this beach has a concept of less intervened beach, something highly valued by people that lives in this location and for which they have struggled for years.It's possible to camp on the beach, but you have to have consideration that there is no infrastructure for that: there aren't sanitary facilities, safe water or trash removal system. Once again, it's VERY IMPORTANT to remove the garbage and take it with you. You don't have to just put it in a bag and leave it there for someone else to take it. This beach is unsuitable for bathing.Tunquen is located between the locations of Quintay and Algarrobo. You can reach to Tunquen by interurban public transport or by particular vehicle. From the east (Santiago, for example) you have to take 68 Route to Casablanca, then you have to take the route Las Dichas-San Jose-Tunquen. There are other access alternatives of you come from the north or from the south

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El Yeco Beach - V Region

El YecoEl Yeco is located 2,5 km south of Tunquen. This beach, much smaller than the previous one, it's a beatiful spot surrounded and protected by high cliffs, without vehicular access. This place stands out for its natural environment and for its unfrequented beach. A beach' side has pools, ideal for bathing, meanwhile the other side has a perfect water wave, perfect for surfing. Peace and nature contact are guaranteed in this amazing place.El Yeco location, place where this beach is located, has different alterntives of accommodation like cabins or campings (with a cost from CLP 5.000 p/p aprox.). El Yeco its located between Tunquen and Algarrobo. You can go by interurban public transport or by particular vehicle. To access to the beach, you can reach by pedestrian paths that down the cliffs.

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Surf at Matanzas - Photo Alba Hotel Boutique

MatanzasMatanzas, located in the VI Region, at Navidad commune, is another unique place of our country. This beach doesn't stands out for its white sands or its calm waters. It's a beach with gray sands and strong winds, but, it's considered a paradaise for many visitors. This place, named as "The perfect sea waves beach", is a sanctuary for chilean and foreign surfers and other water sports practitioners. It's also a place with an incredible natural environment and a special mysticism. The little village of Matanzas is a place that has achieved notoriety in the last years and it's certainly a place to visit. If you are interested in learning surf, there are series of surfing schools.Matanzas' village is very small, but there are camping alternatives (relatively expensive, from CLP 7.000 p/p aprox.), hostels and cabins. To reach Matanzas, you can take buses from Santiago in San Borja terminal (Navidad Buses company). The way by particular vehicle from Santiago takes around 2,5 hors (180 km). You have to take Autopista del Sol, road to San Antonio, then you have exit in the bifucation, to Leyda, follow to Santo Domingo, then to Rapel and finally, reach to Navidad commune. alternatively, if you travel from south, you can take Ruta 5 Sur and then take San Fernando-Pichilemu route.

Atardecer en Punta de Lobos - Foto
Sunset at Punta de Lobos - Photo

PichilemuAnother outstanding place in Chile for surfers, named "Surf capital of the world", no more no less.Pichilemu is located 135 km to the northeast from San Fernando and 207 km to the southeast from Santiago. In Pichilemu' beaches and surroundings, chilean and foreign surfers enjoy this sport, in where there have been done important international competitions.Jorge Torres, national photographer, choose Pichilemu every year: "I'm faithful to Pichilemu for his craft wave, because it has not been modernized and that gives me nostalgic and made me glad going to Don Lucho or Don Pepe bakery, which have been lifelong. I like the amount of sports, surf and good vibes, and I also like that Pichilemu is a place where the focus is to relax and the connnectio with yourself".Stands out beaches like Playa Hermosa, Infiernillo and Plata Terrazas. We must make a special mention to Playa Punta de Lobos (6 km south from Pichilemu), a place with an incredible beauty and famous for its cliffs, rocks and sea waves. It's a must".Pichilemu has a varied accomodation offer. You can find campings (CLP 5.000 p/p), hostels and cabins. You can reach to Pichilemu by particula vehicle and by public transport. You can check the varied routes here.

Precautions and Recommendations
avatarotros1. Best season: Even though summer is nicer for taking a bath at the beach because of the high temperatures, this are beaches where you can visit and enjoy all the seasons of the year.2. Movilization: If you are going to hitch-hike, try to always do it at a gas station.3. Acommodation: Usually, campings are the cheaper alternatives. However, there are cases where rent a cabin or staying in a hostel can be cheaper than campings. Always quote for the best alternative.4. Trash: DON'T leave any class of trash on beaches neither any place you visit it. You have to always carry bags to take your trash. Be a responsible backpacker and and helps to care for our nature and beaches.