Why should I go backpacking in Chile?

Why Chile? You may not be familiarized with this long, impossibly thin line that is our country. It is likely thousands of miles away from you and yet, there are many reasons that make Chile one of the best places on earth for backpackers, and travelers in general.Chile is immensely privileged, a unique combination of beauty and variety. The north is warm and arid, with amazing salt flats, volcanoes and altiplanic lagoons. In rainier years, the Atacama Desert (the driest desert on earth) becomes filled with flowers in one of the most surrealistic landscapes of the world.


The central region, with a more tempered climate, is the place of the green and fertile fields and the heart of the Huaso's traditions, also being a true paradise for trekking and climbing lovers. The largest cities of the country are here as well, with plenty of colorful and charming corners waiting to be discovered.Green is the synonym of the south, with it's thick virgin forests surrounded by lakes, rivers and volcanoes. Pure and pristine nature is at it's hight here. The austral region doesn't fall behind. The Chilean Patagonia shelters hundreds of thousands of acres of wild, raw and unexplored wilderness. Emblematic destinations like Torres del Paine are just a sample of what this region has to offer.


“Amazing”, “impressive”, “startling”, are some of the adjectives used to describe the landscapes and sights of our country. Marketing? That is what many may think. We are happy to know this is not the case. For those of us that have traveled across the country, we know that our landscapes ARE amazing, our nature IS startling, and that only the motivation and enthusiasm required to take our backpacks and go out separates us from great adventures and experiences.But Chile is more than it's beautiful landscapes and nature; is it's people. It is through the people we meet that we get to know the essence of the places we visit. Towns and cities of all sizes, shapes and colors give life to the country, with it's people giving a unique identity to each place. Knowing their stories, traditions and culture can be an experience so or more enriching than enjoying the prettiest of sights.


This is the invitation we make in ChileMochilero for all motivated people: take your backpack and tent, get out of your house, take a flight to Chile, travel, walk and learn, always sharing with other backpackers like you!