KAWSAY is a pioneer tourism entrepreneurship in Salamanca, a beautiful town located in the IV Region of Chile. The Salamanca commune is a rough diamond of northern Chile, an unexplored and incredible place for all those who seek an intimate contact with nature and the Cordillera de los Andes mountain range. KAWSAY guarantees adventure, greatest motivation and the best experience in your next trip.

• Tours in 4x4 buggys of half a day and full day. KAWSAY offers 5 different routes with variety of attractions and difficulty
• Horse riding, the service includes full meal, beverages, resting areas (tents, inflatable mattress, chemical bathrooms), horses and implements, logistic support to the excursion, qualified personnel
• Trekking routes of different levels of difficulty, with a qualified guide

Phone: +56 (9) 76041630
E-mail: victorsalinas@kawsay.cl
Address: Julio Echeverria #511, Salamanca
Website: www.kawsay.cl