Turismo Lancuyén

About Tours Lancuyen
Tours Lancuyen takes you to explore the most amazing places in the IV Region. You will be able to visit the beautiful Damas and Choros islands, explore the Elqui Valley, where you can also visit pisco distilleries and the town of Vicuña, hometown of the famous writer Gabriela Mistral. And at night, the stars will amaze you in our Mamalluca Observatory tour. Come and enjoy the best of the IV Region with us!

• Tour Elqui Valley, where you can visit the Puclaro dam, Pisquera, the town of Pisco de Elqui, the town of Vicuña, among others.
• Tour Damas Island, where you can visit the Damas and Choros islands and Caleta Punta de Choros cove, and enjoy the best maritime Chilean gastronomy.
• Tour Mamalluca Observatory, where you can enjoy the clearest skies in the world and get to know, observe and appreciate the stars, planets and constellations.

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