Buceo Algarrobo

About Buceo Algarrobo
Buceo Algarrobo is a touring company that offers the best scuba diving experience in the coast of Central Chile. You can enjoy diving among fish and sea lions, as well as observe closely the amazing marine ecosystem. Everyone can participate y access the different levels of scuba diving that we offer throughout the year. We invite you to live this unforgettable experience!

• Scuba diving in different sectors of Algarrobo like La Piramide, El Laberinto del Lobo, El Camino de las Esponjas, among others, where you will be able to appreciate the amazing marine life, in company of highly qualified divers and an excellent infrastructure to do the different activities.
• Submarine filming, with state-of-the-art equipment.
• Submarine photography with excellent cameras. Plus you can count on the skills of Pablo Zavala, prominent submarine photographer.

Phone: +56 (9) 94354835
E-mail: info@buceoalgarrobo.cl
Address: Costanera Av. Carlos Alessandri 2447, Algarrobo
Website: www.buceoalgarrobo.cl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BuceoAlgarrobo