Chilean geography of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Chile

Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV series nowadays, is a show that evokes a medieval fantasy world. Intrigue, plots, war and fantastical beings give life to a complex and changing world, where characters are confronted with difficult, and many times fatal, situations. Nobody is safe in the continent of Westeros.This is a series that also stands out for its variety of scenarios and contrasting landscapes where the story unfolds. On a single episode you can go from the adventures of the "Mother of Dragons" in the desert to the cold and frozen lands of the north, passing along scenes in forests and beaches. This is the reason why the series had to be filmed in several countries, like Iceland, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Spain and Croatia, among others.What would have happened if the producers decided to film the series in Chile? Probably the lack of castles and walled cities would have been a problem, but in regards to the variety of landscapes and natural scenery the producers would have had almost all locations covered.

Beyond the WallThe freezing and desolate landscapes of the territory north of the wall have been center stage for some of the most memorable moments in the series (the first appearance of the undead army and the wildling massacre at Hardhome come to mind). There are several places in Chile that could bring life to the land of the Free Folk and White Walkers. Campos de Hielo Sur, a wide extension of glaciers located in the Andes Patagonicos mountain range, would be an ideal scenario as well as Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego, with its frozen lagoons, forests and snowy peaks. Chilean Antarctica would be its ultimate expression.

Game of Thrones Chile
Top photos: Lake Grey and Grey Glacier (part of Campos de Hielo Sur) in Torres del Paine National Park. Bottom-left photo: Navarino Island. Bottom-right photo: Chilean Antarctica

The NorthThe land of the Stark family, one of the most beaten houses in the series (I still can't forget the Red Wedding episode). Is a cold land but far greener than the lands north of the wall. The forests and surroundings of Torres del Paine National Park would bring to life without a problem the cold Kingdom of the North. One would only have to change the huge dire wolfs for mountain lions. Do you imagine each Stark with a pet mountain lion? Karukinka Park, located in the cold and green regions of Tierra del Fuego, would be another great alternative.

Top photos: Torres del Paine National Park. Bottom photos: Karukinka Park

Essos: desertsIt is in Essos, continent of the Dothraki horde and the slaver cities, where the story of Daenerys Stormborn unfolds. Many of the scenes were filmed in deserts and dry valleys, and from the intro of the show it is clear that cities like Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai are located in the middle of dry and desolate lands. Nothing better then to have the driest desert in the world as a setting. The Atacama Desert, and San Pedro de Atacama in particular, have innumerable places that would give and epic and majestic air to these scenes.

Geografía Game of Thrones Chile
San Pedro de Atacama

Essos: Dothraki SeaThe vast grass lands home of the Dothraki horde were filmed in Northern Ireland. It is a region of plains that extend to the horizon, ideal for the thousands of horses mounted by the Dothraki warriors. The Patagonian pampas close to Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales would be and ideal home for the ruthless and relentless armies of the late Khal Drogo.

Geografía chilena de Game of Thrones
Patagonian pampa

Iron IslandsThe domains of House Greyjoy, home of tough and violent raiders, are a group of islands marked by cliffs and the tempestuous sea surrounding them. It seems like the sky is always clouded over the islands, contributing to give them an air of toughness and severity. The rainy Chiloe archipelago would be ideal to recreate this territory, having countless beaches and rocky shores as well as many areas with steep cliffs.


King's LandingFinally we have the city of King's Landing, the capital of the 7 kingdoms and one of the most iconic and important locations in the series. The city had witnessed some of the most shocking moments in the show, like Ned Stark's execution, the fight between Oberyn and The Mountain, and the Walk of Shame of Cersei, to name a few. It was filmed in the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Sadly here in Chile we don't have much to emulate this location, but if I had to use my imagination, I would locate the biggest city of Westeros in Coquimbo. The beautiful Cruz del Tercer Milenio would make for the Great Sept of Baelor and Lambert Fort could be a good spot for scenes in the Red Keep. What do you think?


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