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Spring backpacking destinations

  • Fiesta de La Tirana

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Fiesta de La Tirana. Don't miss this 16 of July one of the most incredible carnivals in Chile.

Game of Thrones

Chilean geography of Game of Thrones. Discover the locations of this epic series if it were filmed in Chile!


10 Common Rookie Mistakes in Backpacking. Which are the most common mistakes backpackers make during their first trip?


Chile: 6 Mysterious Locations. Discover 6 places marked by paranormal events, legends, myths and tragedies in Chile.


San Pedro de Atacama. A treasure in the middle of the desert. Take your backpack and explore this Chilean natural wonder!


Valparaiso. Discover the most authentic way to explore Valparaiso, the Pearl of the Pacific

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Check some of the best pics of the ChileMochilero community in Instagram. Adventure and beauty throughout Chile!

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